Benefits and Features

First Screenshots released:

The Teachers' Lesson Planner is not a characterless set of predefined lesson plans nor does it remove the creativity or personal touch from your lessons.

The Teachers' Lesson Planner is an electronic replacment for your teachers diary; designed by teachers for the benefit of teachers, tutors, educational and instructional staff.

Unlike other software with lesson planning features, the focus of the Teachers' Lesson Planner is, from the outset, on planning and organising lessons as simply and efficiently as possible - and in the process streamlining communications across departments, schools and the country. Setup is effortless and benefits are instantaneous.

The Teachers' Lesson Planner is designed to be as easy to use as possible so is accessible to all teachers, even the non ICT minded. At its most basic level the lesson planner is an electronic version of the classic teachers diary - accessible from any computer meaning there is no longer a need to carry a cumbersome diary around with you, and as all planning can be done electronically this means reduced waste, less cost, less paper, and a greener school.

For the more tech-savvy teachers, lessons can be viewed and planned anywhere with use of a web enabled mobile phone. Ever returned from holiday without a clue about what you are supposed to be teaching on the coming Monday? Worry no more!

The Teachers' Lesson Planner improves communication and reduces the workload involved in planning lessons. Automatically share lesson plans with TLAs and schemes of work with departmental staff.

Superior to other products - the Teachers' Lesson Planner allows you to plan in as much or as little detail as you like, but whenever plans are made, activities are built into a bank of reusable notes for when planning future years or for sharing with colleagues.

What is more, in intending to keep the TLP truely affordable, the annual fee for a school licence will be less than the cost of hiring a supply teacher for one day!

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Partner the Development of the Teachers' Lesson Planner

Now in the later stages of development we are looking to select a small group of forward thinking schools who are keen to implement the teachers Lesson Planner and move their lesson management into the 21st Century.

We are asking development partners nothing more than to impliment the software and encourage their staff to use it to its full potential giving feedback as you feel fit.

As an incentive development partners are offered free training in the use of the software, free setup of users, school details and department structures. We are still asking for the annual licence fee as this minimal amount helps to offset a small proportion of the fixed costs incurred by the project.

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